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Google AdSense allows publishers of content sites to serve adverts targeted to site content and audience. The ads generate revenue for the publisher per click and in some cases per impression. A few years ago, it was common to build a site and soon have a lot of visitors. These days, it requires more effort to attract traffic and be successful with AdSense. Software helps me with the task. Especially with targeting the right keywords.

Keywords That Make AdSense

You can make money every time somebody clicks on a Google AdSense ad. However, you need a website, you need content, you need writing skills … Wait a moment. The first step is to pick the right keyword.

It is hard to make money with a website when the payout is little. For a noteworthy income, a niche website needs a small number of pages with much traffic or a large number of pages with low traffic.

Find profitable keywords

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My AdSense earnings per month depend on my articles, Google's algorithm, how much advertisers are paying, and the ad placement. I make the place for an ad unit almost the only place visitors can click.


Making money with AdSense has become a tedious task. I maximize my earnings by targeting the keywords with the highest niche value. A software helps me find those keywords. The right keywords

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AdSense an ATM? I am improving my chances for earning money with AdSense with the help of a software for keyword targeting. Click slowly
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Marketing Land: "AdSense Publishers Can Now Opt Out of Ad Format Features Like Favicons" - "Google announced today that AdSense publishers can opt out of many of the newer ad format features that have rolled out recently. Apparently, the change comes at the request of publishers."


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